Art of Heartful Living Energy Therapy Program
Art of Heartful Living energy therapy workshops provide an intensive, in-depth exploration of how energy therapy can be harnessed to create profound healing, deep joy, and greater attunement with that which truly serves you and the greater good. An experiential, hands-on approach is used to help you develop your own unique intuitive abilities and energetic healing skills so that you can integrate these potent teachings into your personal and professional lives.


Family/Systemic Constellation Workshops
Family/Systemic Constellation Workshops provide a unique, powerful format to find deep healing and healthy relationship with yourself, your future goals and life purpose, and the many “systems” that are integral to your life: family, romantic relationship, business, community, etc.

Women’s Support Groups
These circles of women provide a safe, intimate environment to explore vital issues that impact every area of a woman’s life – relationship, family, career, etc.  Join with other like-hearted women and experience a guided exploration of what it means to embrace your fullness as a woman.

Leadership Programs
Being a true leader of change in the world begins with creating healthy, positive change in our own beings and lives. Gandhi said, “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Art of Heartful Living Leadership is a highly innovative, hands-on program designed to give participants an in-depth experience of how to facilitate strong, healthy, vibrant dynamics in themselves, relationships and groups that support the highest good of everyone involved.

Adventures in Heartful Living  
Come join us for one of our life-changing, soul-inspiring travel retreats, as we journey to some of the most sacred spots of nature and spirit on our planet! Each retreat is uniquely crafted to provide you with deep soul respite, heartful community, delicious food, and transformative ceremony germane to the specific culture and location we are visiting.WorkshopMain_room_opt


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