Those who have experienced us share…

Thank you for an amazing day! When we were done and I got in my car, there was a vm msg from my fiercely independent son. He said, “I just called to say I love you guys.” How miraculous is that? Constellations rock!

San Diego, California


James and Kathleen,

I cannot thank you both enough for the wonderful transformation that has happened to me this weekend. For the last year and a half, I have experienced deep depression, feeling out of balance, foggy, disconnected, angry, unmotivated, stuck…the list goes on.
This class has flipped a switch in my mind, body and soul. It feels as if I have taken a breath of fresh air for the first time, no longer drowning in my own fears, anxiety or depression. I truly feel alive and present; feelings I have been trying to achieve on my own (to no avail) for the last 12+ months. I see things with a new vibrancy and light, as if someone removed a dark screen away from my eyes! I now have have a deeper sense of purpose, clarity, and connection to the earth. My spirituality, which was previously lost, has been welcomed back into my life and I couldn’t be happier! It brings tears to my eyes to think about how powerful and beautiful this work truly is. I am immensely grateful for your help, guidance, hospitality and loving energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
With immense joy & gratitude,
Miranda M.


Over several years it has been my privilege or should I say blessing to learn more about myself through my association with Ms. Kathleen Woeber.

As a long time practicing physician I have learned that medicine is truly multifaceted; both science and art. To be a good scientist I feel it is always important to learn the subtle more sensitive aspects of the artisan.

Ms. Woeber’s range of healing is truly “gifted” and deals with that inter-area of medicine that is rarely disseminated in our medical schools. She is an artisan in the profession of mind/body energy healing, and I can truly say as a prime example, that to open our “scientific” mind to her is to make one a complete healer.

William M. Hitt, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder of William Hitt Center
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Dear Kathleen & James,

I wanted to thank you both for an incredible weekend! I feel like I can’t describe, adequately, in words how much I was touched by the weekend and how much I felt it helped me on so many levels. I t just helped me shift and transition and, of course, it was exactly what I needed. I got a lot out of all of the exercises we did but one that I kept (and keep) remembering and one that I thought was incredibly powerful was the chair one. I mean, the one we did where we stood up and looked back at our old selves in our chair and switched back and forth. I loved that one. I remember most clearly one sentence of advice that I gave my old self was, “live from your heart and the rest will fall into place”. I keep thinking of that as I’m living day to day. Of course I also loved the healing we did on each other, on the tables. I had a lot of fun with that.

You are both such gifted teachers and you are so good at conveying love and acceptance to whoever you’re teaching. It always feels like such a safe environment where any of us could ask any question and you would bring us to an answer lovingly and without judgement. It’s such a pleasure to be around that kind of teaching and that kind of kindness and love. You also both seem to have a great knack for tuning into the group to see how many activities we should have and how much discussion. There is always a great flow to your classes…

Thank you both, again. Take care.

Much love,

Lori Buley
Graphic Designer
San Diego, California


Kathleen has a remarkable capacity to tune in to what an individual needs most in the moment to accelerate their personal transformation, and deepen their conscious connection with spirit. Most remarkably, she is able to gently, but powerfully, guide her clients and students into a greater awakening of their inner knowing. She does this not by talking about it, but by demonstrating it energetically and actually invoking a vibrational gateway through which participants can enter into a new awareness of their multi-dimensional selves.

Harry Pickens
Musician, Business Consultant
Louisville, KY


I have attended Kathleen and James Woeber’s professional workshop for the health practitioner, and the personal development classes.  Their love and sensitivity offers a supportive environment, created by their ability to weave the individual and group energies.  This creates a space of safety to explore the deeper places within me which welcome insights, and a clear connection to my practice and every day life.  I feel validated and empowered from every workshop.

Jacquelyn Earnest
Healing Health Practitioner
Del Mar, California


Participating in the seminar “Tornare all’Amore” (Return to Love) in Italy with James and Cristina was like a dance. The dance of life, the dance of love. With deepness, love and care they lead us through that dance. The dance of being free again, the dance of meeting again the other beyond fear, beyond the heaviness and the burden of old wounds, of old beliefs… It was a going back to innocence with grace and awareness…unburdening the heart and having the chance to be fresh when meeting and going close to the other. It was a beautiful, joyful, deep experience that my cells and my being are carrying as a gift! I am grateful to James and Cristina, amazing dancing souls!

Mukta, Toscana, Italy


“I have experienced Kathleen as a wise, intuitional teacher, who practices truthfulness, insightfulness and compassion in her roles as teacher, healer, mentor, and lightbearer. Kathleen has dedicated herself to the Path, and in doing so, serves as a standard of excellence to those she serves. What I have especially appreciated is Kathleen’s unwavering facilitation in helping her students unfold and align with their own potential and unique styles as practitioners of the healing arts.

Margaret Vernon, Ph.D.
Del Mar, California


Kathleen combines her unique understanding of energy with her ability to deal with the astral and energetic realms.  She then brings to the mix a talent
for making these arenas accessible to her students.  She is able to make
difficult concepts and techniques easily comprehendible and readily usable.
Kathleen focuses on drawing out the best from each of her students, helping
them to become the truly unique healers they already are.

David Cornsweet, Ph.D., Diplomate in Psychotherapy, A.P.A.
Cardiff By The Sea, California


Kathleen and James are extraordinary healers. Their teachings are profound and continue to unfold long after the workshops are over. I have tried various approaches to achieving full and genuine health and well-being, and Kathleen’s and James’ approach of living from the heart is by far the most rewarding approach I’ve tried. Learning to tap into and trust myself and the unlimited abundance in the world has completely changing my life. I can never thank them enough for leading me towards and guiding me down this wonderful path.

Susan Daly
Biology Teacher, The Athenian School
Danville, California


James Woeber is an exceptional energy healer who assists us in confronting our fears, thereby bringing forgiveness and love to the wounds within. This process reveals our true nature and purpose according to the Divine universal plan.

Mary Jo Hendersen
Oceanside, California


Facilitator stance is the #1 most valuable thing to me and I really appreciated James’ – curious, inquisitive, kind leadership with intention but without an “agenda”, open, loving, growing, roomy. I loved how James utilized the field, this is exactly what I wanted.

– Liz W., Berkeley, CA

I loved this workshop :). James was very caring, gentle and yes, professional! Beautiful set up of the room! Especially valuable was the findings about my soul, resources, gifts and challenges for my soul.

– Larisa T., E. Wenatchee, WA
James was wonderful, welcoming, warm and encouraging! Especially valuable were the self-facilitating after a bit of instruction, the open space to share experiences after exercises… and I love that it was an intimate group. I wanted it to be longer! 🙂

– Selin K., Novato, CA


Kathleen Woeber is one of the most significant people in my lifetime. She has transformed me physically, mentally and spiritually, but most importantly she has helped me uncover the true purpose of my life.

Mary Jo Henderson
Oceanside, CA


Thank you Kathleen and James for guiding me through the door to my spirit once again.  The workshop was a perfect blend of talking, writing. and one on one sharing.

My favorite experience was the toning and the healings.  My eyes are shut.  My voice sings AHHH.  I see big shafts of white light.  I open my eyes to peek and it is Kathleen’s energy I witness.  Again, I close my eyes.  My voice sings AHHH. I see a sky blue sphere right in front of me.  I open my eyes to peek and this time it is James’s energy I witness.  As I recall this time in April, a wonderful calm sweetness surrounds me.  Just like emerging from the sweat lodge once again…………………………

Charlene Owen
Landscape Artist
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Dear Kathleen,

I want to write a note to tell you how much I love you… even as I trust you can see it in my heart.

I t is such an incredibly beautiful and wonderful experience to know you… I can’t find words for it but can only Thank you a thousand times.

If I could only mention a few of the precious things that you are bringing to my life, it would sound like this:

~ You are guiding me so patiently towards my true Life, a life that I was not even daring to dream about.
~ You are holding me with Love and teaching me how to Love myself.
~ You are speaking the right words for my Heart in times of joy and in times of pain.
~ You are sharing your wisdom with me in the gentlest ways.
~ You are holding hope and trust for me when I no longer can see it for myself.
~ You are filling my heart with Love, Joy and Gratitude for knowing you.

If I can ever do anything for you now or in the future please let me know – I would be honored.

Kat Kamber
Energy Healer
Asheville, NC
Bienne, Switzerland


In my life I have met many MDs and alternative healers.  Kathleen Woeber is, by far, the single most talented healer I have ever met, bar none.  During my first session with her, we barely knew one another, but shortly into the session, with very little information communicated from me, she was telling me about my lifelong emotional issues — she was seeing them in my field.
Through the combination of the work she did on me and the advice she gave me, I grew substantially as a result of that session.

More recently, I had a session with James, and was similarly impressed with the depth of his insights into my life. Every time I have had a session or a workshop with the two of them, it has been similar for me: their insights touch me to the core, and give me fresh new perspective on the “dragon” with whom I have been wrestling for years.  I can not recommend these workshops highly enough.  One need come only with an open mind.

Mike McGarry
Science Teacher,
Danville, California


I have always felt that the greatest teachers are the ones whose very presence conveys the depth of their understanding, and this is certainly true of Kathleen Woeber.  More than words can convey, she embodies an energy which is deeply intuitive, heart-centered, and inclusive.  Her insightful and sensitive presence helps to create a container for the most profound realizations to occur, whether as a teacher, or in one-on-one healing sessions.  Kathleen shares her knowledge in a way which always empowers
others, and awakens their own sense of knowing.  She recognizes the inherent brilliance and healing abilities in all of us, and teaches in a way that strengthens our capacity for living a life of greater joy and love.

Colette van Praag
Author, “Gateways of the Divine:
Visions of Healing and Awakening”
Berkeley, California


Kathleen is an incredibly gifted energy healer, teacher and guide.  Her clarity and insights have given me comfort and inspiration on my inner journey over the years.  In their workshops together, James and Kathleen provide a safe and supportive space for people to explore their intuitive gifts more fully.  They truly embody the light and love they so gracefully share.

Mary Ann Ireland
Interfaith Chaplain
El Cerrito, CA


To whom ever is reading this letter:

Let it be known that if healing is of the utmost consequences to you, then begin where GOD’S Love & Light are the strongest, & of the most sincere intent.

Kathleen & James Woeber are two of the most beautiful humans on our great & wondrous planet. The Love that emanates from them will begin for you  (the reader) a series of wondrous changes that cannot be stopped. As a result of the healings received from the Woebers, I was finally able to begin my true purpose for being.

If you manage to fall in love with the both of them, along the way, it is only natural, as their love is a reflection of your own inner beauty, GOD’S Light within each of us, & the Woeber’s Love for everyone.

You are blessed by GOD when you work with them, for they are GOD’S messengers of healing. Let the miracles begin.

Sincerely Scott Robinson
Director of the IHHCS
Vista, California


Working with Kathleen has allowed me to become more ‘present’, loving and happy than I could have imagined!  And, it’s effortless–it doesn’t come from will or from trying, but through the process of learning to perceive energetically, and then learning to trust my perceptions.  From there I can naturally locate and resonate with my ‘higher self’.

Kathleen herself is an inspiration–she is real, loving, compassionate. . .and an amazing healer and teacher.  Working with Kathleen is giving yourself an incredible gift!

Michael Taylor
Futures Trader
Del Mar, Caliifornia


To say that working with Kathleen Joy Woeber changed my life is an understatement.  While I had made great strides toward personal recovery before meeting Kathleen, my work with her propelled me into a dimension of empowerment and freedom I never dreamed possible.  Through working with Kathleen, I uprooted longstanding beliefs and “understandings” that held me back from experiencing the world in all its abundance.  I learned to trust, honor, and set free the personal power I have always possessed, but had seldom recognized.  Through Kathleen’s loving and persistent guidance, I learned that this power, in its truest form, is never exercised at the expense of others.  In this way, Kathleen helped to reveal a profound truth to me.  I can only tap into my own divine power by providing others’ the space to do so for themselves.  Indeed, “holding the space” is exactly what Kathleen has done for me.

Kathleen’s special characteristics made walking through the healing experience with her particularly meaningful.  She is a vibrant woman full of hope, charisma, humor, and deeply felt compassion.  Her gentle, but persistent ways provided me a safe space to walk through sometimes painful and frightening healing paths that always led to new levels of freedom and joy.  Kathleen is a truly gifted woman in the art of spiritual healing.  Those whose lives she touches are fortunate that she is willing to share this remarkable gift.

Jeni Levitt
PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology, UCSD
La Jolla, California


Kathleen is a powerful, intuitive and graceful healer who offers a beautiful, safe space for opening to the guidance of your own soul. Whether it’s in a private healing or in workshop format, her ability to facilitate the bridging to your own knowingness is remarkable. With my own intention, along with Kathleen’s healing guidance, I have made major shifts during workshops… then confidently carried these transformational tools into my everyday life. When you’re really ready for healing, Kathleen’s workshops are a must!

Eileen Meyer
Musician & Healer
Santa Fe, New Mexico


What I have learned as a result of my healing sessions with Kathleen are of great value and will continue with me indefinitely.

I was at a lodge deep in the Canadian Rockies suffering from a dislocated shoulder.  I was heli-boarding (snowboarding by helicopter) with friends for a week and on the second day I had taken a bad fall.  After tumbling down a steep slope, I finally came to a stop with my right arm out of the shoulder socket and in great pain.  Luckily, with help I was able to reset the arm in the socket.  (We were over two hundred miles from the nearest city and the only way out was by air.  It would have been a long painful ride to a hospital.)  I was flown back to the lodge with the intention I would immediately contact an energetic healer in Solana Beach from whom I had recently received a couple of healing sessions.  In my first session with him we had discussed the topic of “long-distance” healings and it was clear this would be the only type of treatment possible.  Unfortunately (and now in hindsight, fortunately), he was not available and his office recommended I call Kathleen.  I left her a message and she returned my call.  After a brief discussion, she instructed me to lie down and to try to relax.  She said she would work on me for about an hour.  The shoulder was very swollen and I was in a lot of pain.  I attempted to meditate and then fell asleep.  Some time later I woke up, then sat up.  Then, while in the process of standing up, I realized I was moving as if I had not injured my shoulder.  For a brief moment, in the haze of waking up I had forgotten the situation.  The pain and swelling was greatly reduced and I did not have to cradle my arm as if in a sling.  Shortly, the weight of my arm did become uncomfortable and required support but the difference was noticeable and quite remarkable.  We had one more session the next evening.  Over the next three days the shoulder continued to improve and I was able to ride everyday.  The following day I took it very easy but each day after I was able to ride more aggressively and with greater freedom of motion.  It was amazing to both the group and myself how the healing process was accelerated.  The injury should have kept me in the lodge for the remainder of the trip.
After returning, I had healing sessions with Kathleen to continue the rehabilitation of my shoulder.  After an amazingly quick recovery, I continued to see Kathleen weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly for the next three years.  I looked forward to every appointment and found the healing sessions with her to be not only physically healing, but also mentally and emotionally rejuvenating.  Often while in a session, my thought processes or dreams would lead me to some helpful realization or discovery.  (Without failure, I would always fall asleep during a session.)  After a healing session, it would feel like a new day.  I would feel more at ease and energized.
Looking back on the time I spent with Kathleen, I have made some observations.  At the time, I was cycling through a very inquisitive period of my life.  Kathleen’s healings helped me to physically function at a high level while her magnetic energy, soulfulness, and love nurtured and supported my self-discovery.  She was able to help heal physical dysfunction in my body while helping to put me in touch with the soulful and spiritual aspects of my being.  I would argue that because she was able to help me to remain healthy and relatively pain-free, I was able to dedicate more energy toward important personal issues.  I could never put a finger on exactly what would transpire during a healing session but I always felt whatever health ailment I was suffering from or whatever life issue I was struggling with at the time was improved and on the road to being handled.  On a deeper level, Kathleen and I were able to co-creatively accomplish something very important.  The cumulative effect was that my mental clarity and emotional stability and depth grew and improved.  I was able to more often and for longer periods of time maintain contact and stay in rapport with the part of myself I have come to identify as my soul.  The part of myself less caught up in the stressful and chaotic happenings of the time, the part of myself more able to see things for what they were and react positively, or more appropriately, act positively as a result.  I can not emphasis enough the benefit of this.
Kathleen’s “energy” or resonance and the magnetic quality of her being is, without question, one of the most healing I have ever encountered.  She is able to facilitate energy movement in some positive way and is able to hold safe space for healing work to be accomplished.  As a loving, giving, wise healer and teacher, I hold her in the highest regard.  It is my hope this testimonial will be an indication of my gratitude for the loving service I, and many others, have received from her.  Thank you, Kathleen.

With love,

Mark Tanabe
Pasadena, California

James was capable, confident and trustworthy, and his workshop was deep and circular. Aspects of the workshop that I found especially valuable were: the writing and discovery that I can trust and share, and the circles of healing and using my resource cards as guides.

– Tom N., Belmont, WA


Kathleen Woeber is a remarkable Healer and Teacher. Her ability to see, communicate and work at the deepest and most expansive levels facilitates a profound process of healing and movement into greater awareness for anyone who has the fortunate opportunity to work with her. She is a blessing on this planet and beyond.

Mimi Miller L.Ac.
Solana Beach, California


Kathleen has provided true insight and inspiration in my life.   Working with her has assisted me in moving my unconscious viewpoint from a place that was full of insecurity and fear to one in which I feel comfortable and accepting of life.

Kathleen has really brought home to me the experience of how instrumental we are in the creation of our own life experiences, in a way I can utilize and refer back to when needed.

Instead of a painful process, my Life has become more of a joyful adventure.
When we continue to ask lovingly what is the truth of this situation, we always find our answer.
Love and Kisses

Aurora Christophers
Solana Beach, California



You have made such an impact on my life!  Thank you so much for helping me process through my most intimate feelings and grow into the person I want to be.  For helping me see and understand the things that don’t serve me and eliminate them from effecting my life any longer.

It is all of your love, acceptance, and support that makes me feel
comfortable in a group of strangers.  Thank you for bringing these very important people together to help each other by sharing, listening and teaching, with love and compassion for one another.

You are teaching me how to live a happy life by changing the things I wish to change about myself and grow into the person I love and respect.

Shannon Bailey
Massage Therapist,
Escondido, California


Kathleen is a wonderful, beautiful and caring spirit.  It is my great pleasure to have her as a dear friend and teacher.  I have participated in many of Kathleen’s energy workshops.  Each has been unique and wonderful.  They are more a group sharing of abilities than formal class work.  And that is where the magic begins.  We are all one.  We are all unique.  Kathleen helps you to explore this paradox, to reach out and touch the matrix that connects and enfolds us all.

Do not expect the lessons to end with the class.  Over the years, the experiences and learning has echoed through my life like wind chimes on a summer evening’s breeze.  And, I have shared them with others in an ever-expanding circle.  What joy!

Peace, Light and Love
Dirk Dunning
Professional Engineer
Advanced Industrial Designs, Inc.
Portland, Oregon


I ran into Sky the other day on the streets of Santa Fe and we were both remarking on how extraordinary our experiences of your seminar had been. I’m sure everyone who participated benefited tremendously.  I did indeed have a very wonderful transformational experience.  I especially enjoyed the herbal sweat lodge.
I had some profound experiences in the workshop during the parts, which were guided by James and you.  You are a delight, Kathleen.  Being in your radiant presence was an inspiration to me.  James has remarkable clarity and vision.  Janet Snowden was a wonderful hostess and healer with her herbal teas.  Mark Sciscenti did a marvelous job with the fire tending and creating a sacred space in the sweat lodge.  I loved the intimacy of the setting and the small group.
It was a great experience, all in all.  I am glad I was able to be a part of it.

Asita Dwight
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Several months ago, I was given the challenging news that I had breast cancer. I knew that I needed to do some personal growth work, and as synchronicity would have it, I met and started sessions with Kathleen Woeber. Instantly there was a wonderful connection between us, as I felt soothed by her energy and presence. Having felt numbed out and stagnant for some time, Kathleen helped me to reconnect with my spirit and open up my heart, which I had protected and hidden away. My experience with Kathleen has given me a whole new richness of intimacy to my life. Each time I feel lighter and personally stronger. My friends and family all comment on the strength and confidence in my voice, which always brings a smile to me. I continue to step out of the box, discovering my true potential, thanks to our work together.

Madelyn Naylor
Rancho Santa Fe, California



Kathleen’s intuitive ability to facilitate energetic change and encourage personal transformation is key to her work with clients.  I always feel supported and energized in our work together. Thank you Kathleen!

Brenda Hinton,
St. Helena, California


Dear Kathleen,

I extend to you my sincerest gratitude for the assistance that you have given me on my journey. I could not have imagined ever being in the place or places where I am now wherever that is.

While I am still uncertain of my exact purpose, whatever it is sure to require that I have a strong foundation. So here’s to beginnings…

I look forward to meeting you in person in a couple of weeks. Until then, be well. Be well.


Giovanni Singleton
San Francisco, California


(Addressed to Kathleen’s healing class that did distant intentional healing work on his broken hip)

Thank you so very much. My hip has healed very quickly. So much so that the doctors and nurses have all noticed and commented on it… I left the hospital in a day and a half – less actually. That stunned the nurses. At my last visit to the doctor, he commented that I was “healing like a teenager.” They put in three screws. These are backing out of the bone. So in February I will need to have them removed.

If you have had doubts about your abilities – don’t. You are a powerful and wonderful group. I count myself very fortunate to have you as friends.

I could recognize some of your energies as you touched in. Others equally powerful and loving came and went – but I did not recognize…

Dirk Dunning
Portland, Oregon


Kathleen presents a method for deep examination of our own healing capabilities that allows for a lasting change in the way we see ourselves within the world around us.

Sky Wilson
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Kathleen Joy has a gift.  Not only is she able to supportively guide a client though life’s challenges, but she teaches one how to look inside to know one’s own truth.  There is no better teacher and no better tool, than to know your own heart.  My life continues to grow for the better, and I am so grateful for Kathleen’s guidance and expertise.  What a joyful experience!

Beth Avner
Principal, Changing Places
San Diego, California


It has been six years since my son Taylor and I have had the great pleasure to work with Kathleen Woeber. The heart connection that my son and I have today is a direct result of my work with Kathleen. I have been attending her
Personal Development class as well as the Professional class and have found them to be most profound. Kathleen’s graceful, honest, open heart has taught me to my love myself and others with great compassion. Kathleen has helped me see the essence within myself and has held space while the true essence of all of me comes to fruition.  I now have a faith and guidance that is the foundation of my life. Kathleen has been my greatest and kindest teacher and I’m so grateful for everything that she has taught me. Thank you

Robii Dodge
Sexual Assault Victim Counselor
Center for Community Solutions
La Jolla, California


Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for helping me to free my heart. I love this journey I’m on and I love me!…

Much love,
Jo Ann Healy
San Diego, California


I have had the privilege of knowing Kathleen Woeber both personally and professionally for several years.  Kathleen possesses a very special ability to “see” in the deepest sense and unobtrusively assist others in change.  Her abilities as an energetic healer are paralleled only by her kindness and integrity.  She is, in my estimation, truly an “angel of light”

Melinda Roland M.A., R.P.T., L.Ac., O.M.D

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