Constellation Workshops

Have you experienced the powerful healing work of family and systemic constellations?

Discover the amazing healing and change modality that everyone is talking about!  Join us for the next workshop with experienced facilitator and Co-Director of the 2015 North American Systemic Constellations Conference—James Woeber.

Constellation work heals your life systemically by addressing the underlying dynamics at the root of your health and well-being—in your body, your relationships, your family/ancestry, your business, and other systems that are integral to your life.


During the workshops we explore creative applications of systemic constellations along with more traditional approaches to maximize your healing experience. You will leave the workshop with valuable self-help tools and ways of applying constellations to benefit your healing process. This potent, multi-faceted work will provide you with a unique opportunity to uncover what truly serves healing and harmony in your relationships, communities and life as a whole!

Contact us to find a constellation workshop near you!

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