Art of Heartful Living Program

WorkshopEnergy_Khalad_optThe Art of Heartful Living  Program is a leadership and personal development training program that empowers you to bring your full brilliance and gifts out into the world in service to others. By freeing yourself from old patterns and mastering your own energy you can manifest your heart’s deepest desires and create transformational healing in your own life and for the greater good.

An experiential, hands-on approach is used to help you develop your own unique intuitive abilities and energetic healing skills so that you can integrate these potent teachings into your personal and professional lives.

Everyone has innate healing abilities. The workshops provide a deeply supportive, organic environment for you to master this powerful healing modality and access your own deep well of knowing. Whether you use the training for your own personal growth, to integrate into a therapeutic practice, or to attain deeper fulfillment and effectiveness in another career – Art of Heartful Living Institute will provide the hands-on training and guidance to open you to your own transformational healing!

  • Fully activate the brilliance and gifts of your true self so that you experience tremendous well-being, joy, abundance, fulfillment and can support this transformation in others.Workshop_Energy_GroupHeal_opt• Create more loving, healthy, meaningful relationships with clients, co-workers, family and friends by releasing old patterns and developing greater presence, awareness and connection.• Develop your unique, natural ability to perceive energetic dynamics in the human energy field and use this powerful tool to understand and heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance in yourself and others.• Learn a heart-centered, unity-based approach to energy healing that heals by embracing the whole of your being and life around you, accessing the innate healing capacity of the mind/body/spirit system, and bringing this system into balance with the natural harmony of life.• Add vitality, depth and potency to your professional ventures by developing your intuition of what serves you and the greater good, and learning to guide projects to successful conclusions that are in flow with the Whole.• Identify and release old beliefs and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you so that you can open to the truth of who and what you are and experience more of the fullness and brilliance of your Essential Self.• Nourish your body and spirit, and enhance your well-being with essential, regenerative self-healing techniques.

    • Share deep connection, joy, healing, growth and support with a wonderful community of like-minded people who share your desire to promote well-being with those you work with.

    • Modalities that will be incorporated to open you to your own heartful leadership include: energy healing, family/systemic constellation work, mindfulness training, heartful communications, and other mind/body therapies.

Contact us for an Art of Heartful Living Program training near you!

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